Business Analysis

Initiation & Planning
Once the customer brings an idea about the software to the stakeholders, a team is created that reports to a Project Manager, Business Analyst and Technical Architect. They discuss these 3 key things:

Feasibility of the project?
Will the project be profitable?
Project technical risks?


Requirement Analysis

This is the important phase of the project is done by the Business Analyst, which determines the success or failure of a project. Business Analysts makes setup meetings with the client and starts interviewing about the requirement of the project.  The requirements BRDs are documented to represent use cases, use case diagrams, activity diagrams, data flow diagrams.


Design & Development

While business Analysts don’t have a specific role in design and development, Business Analyst should frequently have meeting with developer to ensure the project stays both in scope and on track. Once the development is completed, The Business Analyst works with the developer to document test scripts for QA testing.  The quality of the project is performed by checking the requirement of the client and the outcome of the project, errors are documented and send back to the developer to be fixed.


Testing & Implementation

In this phase the project is sent for User Acceptance Testing (UAT), in which the Business Analyst schedules testing sessions with client and installs test versions of the application and the client performs the check for errors.  Test cases are documented by the Business Analyst and sent back to development team. If there are no errors client accepts the project.  The Business Analyst will create training material and facilitate training sessions.  A beta version is then implemented to client.

These are major roles in which the Business Analyst is crucial in SDLC.


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